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Emerging from recent years of interior design trends, high gloss finishes have grown in demand in modern interior spaces. While the flawless smooth appearance of high gloss panels have dominated the European market for aesthetically beautiful modern and transitional cabinetry, American tastes have become newly acquainted with the viability of these durable glossy materials.


Arising from the interest of achieving seamless modern design with available materials, we present Angelus Doors and Panels as the next big trend in American design.


As high gloss decorative surfaces for door fronts & finish millwork, Angelus provides Designers with unique finishes in durable materials for the high-end custom cabinetry & furniture industry.  With the use of various UV cured lacquered films applied onto high density fiberboard cores, a wet gloss appearance is achieved with a superior scratch resistant, solid color consistency & brilliant gloss finish. 


We provide the option to purchase Angelus as


PANELS                                                                      Each individual panel measures 108" length x 48" width x 3/4" thickness and can be purchased with                                                                                               matching PVC edgebanding tape of single color or bicolor matching finishes.


DOORS                                                          Custom cut to size doors as per client requests are offered as finished cut and edgebanded as per                                                                                                   Client preferences.


WOOD FRAMED                                          Creating a complimentary lighter look to the solid panels and doors, we offer custom cut to size wood         GLASS DOORS                                                 frame doors in any Angelus color to be accented with the 2 center insert panel options   

                                                                                as clear glass & laminated frosted glass.



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